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Let’s face it, as people it is only human nature to want to get out there and socialize (or socialeyez, depending on how you “see” it). We were built as social creatures, yearning to know “what is happening” with our families, friends, co-workers etc. and have been in need for a faster simpler means of accessing that connection and information.

Social Media has and continually is a supply to our demand that feeds our socializing (or socialeyezing, depending on how you “view” it) fuel that has gone beyond many expectations. We are now able to share video, status updates and photos with the ones we love and with the world through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and various other social media platforms.

Businesses are now able to mass market themselves in a personable manner unlike ever before. Companies can humanize their brands by connecting in real-time with customers and potential clients. While customers/clients can now access businesses easily and explore the personalities of local and worldwide companies from the comfort of home.

Not only do we like to see what is going on out there, but we like to share too. Sharing information is nothing new; arguably, everyone loves to be the first to tell a great story, to share photos of their lives and to have people view videos that they think are just simply awesome. Great Social Media sites have been structured to assist us in fulfilling each niche, sites like Pinterest for pinning photos of our interests or Instagram for sharing our world through photos . Then there are our curated news content that is hand picked by users of sites such as StumpleUpon, Reddit, and inbound just to name a few.

To help us continue our socializing behavior (or Socialeyezing, depending on how you “look” at it) in amongst our hectic lives and busy schedules are real-time sites that keep our socializing short and to the point like  Twitter and Tumblr, which serve a great purpose in sharing instant content easily and quickly.

Even distribution of our location with the world has gained popularity; it has rejuvenated our social selves in the offline world with allowing us to become “mayors” on Foursquare of frequently visited places to brag to our friends and collaborate where to meet by using location-based services.

We are just scratching the service of social networks, which build our unity within social media. Everyday new social networking startup sites are created and deployed to service various social needs. Whether you use social media for personal or professional use, it can be trying and tiresome to search for various social networks or social tools that could help aid your success within the social sphere (and who has the time to try and stay informed when it is scattered all over the web?) That is Socialeyezer’s purpose and passion.

Socialeyezer scours the Internet to find you various new social startups, we will give you tips on how to market brands using social media, provide how-to’s that will make using an assortment of social networks a breeze and keep you up-to-date on all of your favorite and ever-changing social networks. So you can spend less time searching and more time socialeyezing!

Although Socialeyezer is heavily based on providing you with Social Media content from blogging tips, information on your social networks to showing you how you can improve your social efforts or finding features that you may be unaware about. We are also aware that learning about Social Media only helps us stay partially social. There is also a need for sharable content and a wide audience who are inner geeks like us too.

Therefore we have expanded our blog to include cyberculture; show you the latest in technology and gadgets and keep your aww factor at an all-time high with cute videos and photos that add a little extra sunshine to your day. We love finding unique items that you can add to your collection or decor and discovering designs that are truly out of this world. Geek culture is definitely of interest to us and finding gift ideas for the geek in your life is a goal we strive to accomplish. We also love various Internet memes that are popular, yet provide you with unseen images so you can discover something new.

We have also taken into consideration the need for learning quickly without having to read a long article to gain knowledge on Social Networks. Since we enjoy finding out about the statistics and facts that surround various Social Media outlets, we wanted to help you too to understand Social Media even more through visual data with out Infographics category.

Your participation within the Socialeyezer community is important to us and every question or comment will be read and you will receive a response from our team. You are a valued member of Socialeyezer, your opinions and thoughts do matter, and Socialeyezer is just the place for you to share them.

Socialeyezer“Keeping an Eye on All things Social”

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