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WN-2 Earth Watch Globe Dome

As we have evolved in communicating with others faster and easier through Social Media platforms and communication tools such as Skype, we are sharing our lives with various people from around the world. This also includes those lives we share with loved ones who are offline and perhaps are living abroad or those who have wanderlust and can never remain in one place for any length of time. It may make it seem that you are always trying to keep up with keeping track of the many worldly time zones so you can keep in touch.

Life is hard enough when someone you care for lives across the globe and not knowing the best times to call to increase your chances of receiving them on the other end can only make life harder. The WN-2 Earth Watch can help you know what time it is around the world whenever and wherever you may be.

The WN-2 Earth watch is much prettier than it sounds; its design is engineered with a 1/580 million scale model of the Earth’s northern hemisphere which rests under a glass dome. The modeled world rotates once a day in line with the Earth’s actual motion. So you are always in sync with what time it is while wearing a watch that truly looks out of this world.

The globe module is removable which allows you to place it anywhere you please, such as on your desk if you choose to not wear the watch all the time. The WN-2 Earth Watch is the second edition of the WN Earth Watches and has been designed out of the popularity of its first edition. This impeccable timepiece is water resistant and comes in various colors, not to mention the added bonus of providing you peace of mind when wanting to know the optimal times to communicate online or off.

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