UPDATED: 9 Recommended Firefox Add-Ons for Social Media

It seems as though there are not enough hours in the day for us to remain social. Time goes by quicker than a blink of an eye when using social networks and it can become worrisome for some and in particular, business owners. Many social tools online can assist with time management, whether you use your social networks for personal or professional use and they vary to accommodate each. Why not capitalize on the one Internet tool that you access every day, your browser.

Arguably Firefox is one of the most popular and productive browsers available to you and we have searched and tried a variety of add-ons that you can add to your Firefox toolbar (located at the top of the browser) in a matter of minutes. We have not searched just any add-ons, but the ones that will help you attain more time to socialize and remain productive in other aspects of your life as well.

As “they” say, “Time is money”; “Time is of the Essence”, “Time waits for no one”. Acquire more of your time back, doing what it is you love. Here is a list of recommended Firefox social add-ons that we think you will find most useful.

1. StumbleUpon: This Firefox add-on is a fast way to stumble a web page that you want to share and discover with your StumbleUpon account. Simply, sign in once and direct from your browsers toolbar you can stumble, discover, “thumb up”,thumb down” and share across Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, LinkedIn and your StumbleUpon contacts.

(click photo to get Stumbleupon Add-on for Firefox)

2. Similarweb: This add-on is great for Bloggers and those who like to stay in the know. SimilarWeb provides instant access to the best sites related to the one you are browsing. Its search engine feature formulates the “top” websites that match what you have searched for within its search query in a “top ten” format. You can also view the “Buzz” that surrounds that particular webpage with its “buzz” feature, which shares what other people are saying about it on the web.  You also have the ability to share the web you are browsing with friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook. As well, as view other “top” sites by category.

(click photo to get Similarweb Add-on for Firefox)

3. TweakTube: This add-on is necessary for YouTubers. As a YouTube user you can instantly download videos, convert videos to Mp3 format, automatically watch YouTube videos in HD, change YouTube style, watch multiple videos, loop videos, and much more.

(click photo to get TweakTube Add-on for Firefox)

4. FaceTweak: This add-on will enhance your Facebook experience. As a user, you can view picture thumbnails larger on Facebook by hovering over them with your mouse. Add emoticons to replace the keyboard command and best of all, with this add-on you can “select all” of your friends instead of clicking one-by-one when inviting them to “like” a page or an event.  You can change your FaceTweak options to best suit you under your FireFox Browser “Tool” section in the menu area.

(click photo to get FaceTweak Add-on for Firefox)

5. Friendbar: This add-on allows you to keep informed with what is going on with your Twitter and Facebook accounts directly from your toolbar. You can post updates, like, comment, update, retweet, DM (Direct Message), and reply from the toolbar.

(click photo to get Friendbar Add-on for Firefox)

6. Imgur Uploader: Capture a photo on the web to share on your Blog or with your Social Networks. After adding the Add-on, simply click on the extension and sign-in to Imgur (or sign-up). Now every time you want to share a photo just right-click on the picture and from the dropdown choose Imgur.

(click photo to get Imgur Uploader Add-on for Firefox)

7. Digg Extension for Firefox: The add-on allows you to interact with Digg and observe information about the webpage you are viewing.

UPDATE: Our friend Amy Vernon who is very well known on Digg has informed us that the Digg Extension for Firefox is not compatible with the newest version of Digg, (Digg Version 4). So since we can’t replace the “Digg for Firefox” since their API changes too frequently, we suggest Amplify, Thanks Amy!

7. Amplify: Clip, share & spark conversation about excerpts from articles, blog posts, tweets or anything else you read on the web. Amplify supports autoposting to Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Posterous, Tumblr & more.

(click photo to get Amplify Add-on for Firefox)

8. BackType: Indexes and connects online conversations from across the web in real-time, so you can see what people are saying about topics that interest you.

(click photo to get BackType Add-on for Firefox)

9. Tumblr: Share the interesting articles, videos, photos and any other interesting content to your Tumblr blog by dragging to your toolbar. In order to retrieve this Firefox add-on you must have an account. Then you can go to “Tumblr Goodies” located at the top navigation.

These recommended nine Firefox add-ons will certainly enhance your social experience, keep you productive and assist in time management.  Having instant access to an array of Social Networks from your Firefox browser will help you keep your various social sites active, updated and interactive without ever having to leave the webpage that you are viewing.

Get these Firefox add-ons and more.

Do you have any Social Media Firefox Add-ons that you recommend?


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