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So you love Grumpy Cat… we know. We have spent a great deal of adoring the grumpiest cat on the web too, and although Tardar Sauce has made us laugh since last year, her distinct look makes us all envy for a cat like her.

Of course her unique look is partially why we have come to enjoy this YouTube kitty, with her frown being what first drew us to her, but the Internet has played a terrific part into turning this oddly looking cat into an Internet meme sensation.

It is already abundantly clear that the Internet is a fan of cats, so throw us one that can display a strong attitude with her face alone will certainly enable us to gather the words necessary to spark what we believe she would say, if she could talk of course.

This Internet meme has very much become a well-known character within our homes, a topic discussion around the water cooler at work and has definitely made for our social networks to become a little more entertaining. It is meme’s like Tardar Sauce that unites the like-minded people to not only take part in furthering her success by taking part in the creation of meme’s, but by sharing them and even adding hashtags to keep the search for this cat easy to find.

Wouldn’t we all love to snuggle up with this kitty and hear her purr? Probably, but since she owns another human being, we will have to settle for something else. How about a Grumpy Cat Pillow instead? Here are 8 Grumpy Cat pillows that you can snuggle up with.

1. Grumpy Cat Tardar Sauce Tard Throw Pillow

Grumpy Cat Tardar Sauce Pillow

2. Tard the Grumpy Cat

Tard the Grumpy Cat

3. Tardar Sauce Throw Pillow

Tardar Sauce Throw Pillow

4. Grumpy Cat Pillow Cover

Grumpy Cat Pillow Cover

5. Grumpy Cat, Minimalist in Four Colors

Grumpy Cat Minimalist Four Colors

6. Why So Grumpy? Throw Pillow

Why So Grumpy Throw Pillow

7. Grumpy Cat Drawing “Tard”

Grumpy Cat Drawing Tard

8. Grumpy Cat Mugshot

Grumpy Cat Mugshot Pillow

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