8 Drool Worthy Vintage Star Wars Merchandise

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Return of the Jedi Skates

Star Wars is an iconic classic in many households that spans generations. We pass it on to our kids like our parents have to us and learn the creative world of science fiction by gathering around our TV sets.

Whether you watched Star Wars in theater, on VHS, DVD, Blue Ray or even if you streamed it, you have what all other Star Wars fans have, an absolute obsession.

Throughout the years there have been many pieces of merchandise distributed in an array of forms. From Star Wars figurines, games, cards, clothing and more; yet nothing beats the early years of Star Wars merchandise.

Being a Star Wars collector is an honorable title to own and in order to truly own it, you must own at least some vintage Star Wars memorabilia within your collection. The hunt for Star Wars merchandise is fun, finding drool worthy merchandise is even better. Though these vintage Star Wars merchandise have had previous owners, it only adds to the charm and history of owning a piece of Star Wars history today.

All of the following Vintage Star Wars Merchandise can be found at the FAB store of dAN’s Parents’ House

1. 1983 Return of the Jedi Roller Skates

Return of the Jedi Skates


2. 1980 Bespin Twin Pod with Figure

1980 Bespin Twin Pod Figure


3. Chewbacca Poster

Chewbacca Star Wars Vintage Poster

4. 1978 12″ Luke Skywalker Figure

1978 Luke Skywalker Figure


5. 1981 8″ Yoda Puppet

1981 Vintage Yoda Puppet


6. 1978 12″ Darth Vader Figure

1978 Darth Vader Figure


7. 1977 Chewbacca Figure

Vintage 1977 Chewbacca Figure


8. 1980 Darth Vader Figurine Case

1980 Darth Vader Figurine Case


There are many Star Wars collectibles that are lingering on the Internet, but to find gems you must really take the time to search. We prefer to save you the time and to stumble upon great merchandise that will not only add to your Star Wars collection but ones that will make you smile and even perhaps drool a little.


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