8 Desirable Products to Getting Your Geek On

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Because Geeks are AWESOME.

There are items around your house that make great conversation pieces, the more unique the better. Adding some geektastic items will certainly increase your social conversations and let’s face it, finding that treasure that makes you smile only brightens your day.

We have found eight desirable Products that will help you get your geek on; from a mathematical love note to a Fantasy Forest Terrarium, any one of our eight recommended products will increase your adorkablility and we encourage your inner geek to come alive.

1. Pac Man Ukulele

Even if you do not know how to play, this would make for an amazing decorative piece hanging on your wall or simply leaning against it. All 80’s kids will drool over this fantastic piece and what a bonus it would be if you knew how to play the Ukulele too.

Pac Man Ukulele

via: etsy

2. A Vial of Unicorn Blood

Unicorns are fantastic mythical creatures that turn a simple horse into something magical, so of course they wouldn’t have blood like you or I.  Instead, you can have some unicorn blood for your decor made up of what looks to be blue dust. For the DIY (do it yourself) geeks out there you could most certainly make this yourself.

A Vial of Unicorn Blood

via: etsy

3. Mustache Face Watch

I mustache you a question, what time is it? This is a really great watch for anytime… literally.

Mustache Face Watch

via: asos

4. The Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Song T-Shirt

If you watch the Big Bang Theory TV Show then you will be very familiar with this next geektastic product. It is the song that Sheldon has sung to him when he is sick.

The Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Song T-Shirt

via: hottopic

5. Expressions of Vader T-shirt

Long before Twilight’s Kristen Stewart came along, in a faraway place there was an expressionless meme waiting to happen.

Expressions of Vader T-shirt

via: rockworldeast

6. Geeky Wrapping Paper

This wrapping paper will surely impress the geek in your life.

Geeky Wrapping Paper

via: thinkgeek

7. Ancient Goddess Ruins:  Fantasy Forest Terrarium

If you are looking for the ultimate fantasy gift; this Ancient Goddess Terrarium will make for a unique display piece.

Ancient Goddess Ruins Fantasy Forest Terrarium

via: etsy

8. Euler’s Identity Romantic Geek Art

Add a little romance any day of the week with this framed mathematical artwork that explains love in a vintage way.

Euler's Identity Romantic Geek Art

via: luulla


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