7 Steps to Understanding How to Monitor Your Online Reputation [infographic]






 Your online reputation should matter to you, whether you are online for business or for pleasure, if you have a presence online then you have a reputation you need to be managing. A simple way to manage your online reputation can be done using Google alerts which you can set up easily through your Gmail account. Be sure to setup your name and business name in quotation marks so when you receive emails they will be relevant to your request (the quotations are your best secret weapon as they will include alerts actually relevant to your search, without them you will be inundated with emails including the same words).

Google Alerts is one easy and free way to keep on top of your online reputation but no matter the tool you use to monitor, you may need to include variations of your business or personal name. Currently, 61% of businesses are ensuring that their reputation is being tracked and identifying what you need and want to manage when it comes to your online reputation needs to be acknowledged.

Understanding that your reputation needs managing is the first step, then concluding as to why it is important and how and who it effects is the second step to be perceptive as to why managing your online reputation should be a priority.

The “who” that has stake in your positive or negative online sentiment is larger than your own, it includes investors, employees to your competitors (since they can gain on your negative reviews). Your acceptance that consumers are not only looking to reach out through the use of social media for customer service or are using it as a place to vent their frustration, either way, your quick response and solution will help save you from the ripple effect of negativity that can happen.

The ripple effect is nothing new, it has always happened offline or on various review sites, whereas social networks provide an easier and more efficient platform to not only fix issues between your business and its consumers but to help aid you by remaining in control of your reputation and keep your relationship with online users and potential clients positive.

Figuring what needs to be monitored, how it will be monitored to who will monitor your personal or business’s online reputation is by setting in motion a strategic plan to prepare for moments when you discover negative sentiments which will help you respond intelligently with a plan in action to assist you through the emotion that can often lead to a worsened problem if failed to prepare for them.

You can see the following 7 steps to understanding how to monitor your online reputation in the following infographic.

The ultimate guide to monitoring your online reputation

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