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As a fellow Canadian I am always impressed to see our Country far and wide and nothing is more impressive than when Canadian Tourism uses the Internet to help them share Canada with the world. As with any groups looking to enhance Tourism within their towns, cities or Countries, reaching the masses is ideal, more importantly, asking the masses to aid in your campaign is just well, simply clever.

Canadian Tourism put on their thinking toques to brainstorm how they can spread the word about how beautiful a country such as Canada is to visit. They then asked their fellow Canadians to record what their Canada looks like to them and to submit the video.

Canadian Tourism had to think outside the box to not just share in a Government- style fashion of what Canada means to them but instead, of what Canada means to Canadians, this may sound simplistic but crowd-sourcing doesn’t always heave a response, sometimes it doesn’t always share the vision one is hoping for, however in this instance nothing could spread how beautiful Canada truly is like a short and concise video that speaks for itself.

Including creative footage from Canadians brought 7,000 submissions that were worth 65 hours of video watching and anyone who knows the Internet knows that our attention is usually a 3 minute or less viewing span, especially for video.

To not only take 65 hours and turn it into a 2 minute YouTube video did Canadian Tourism complete a fantastic form of social advertising, they used the right people to help spread the word, not only through the use of other Canadians’ videos but their ability to share something they felt included in, even if their video wasn’t one of the selected few. This is how you amplify your voice, by sharing the stage.


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