6 Masters of the Universe Facts You Left in the 80s

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These 6 Masters of the Universe facts are for those that adored Adam (He-Man), Adora (She-Ra) and other Masters of the Universe friends and foes. Join us as we travel back to Eternia and reveal facts that you may not have known or perhaps, left in the 80’s.

Besides re-watching episodes of Masters of the Universe, collecting their action figures or conjuring up insults from the mouth of Skeletor, fanatics yearn for new information about their favorite cartoon series.

Let’s hope you discover something new with our 6 Masters of the Universe Facts you may have left in the 80s!

Oh, to be a kid in the 80’s once more…DRATS, we just had to grow up.

6 Masters of the Universe Facts that You Left in the 80’s

Did You Know: Voice Actor Linda Gary Played Teela, The Sorceress, Evil-Lyn and More?

The voice actor, Linda Gary portrayed Teela, The Sorceress, Evil-Lyn, Adam’s mother (Queen Marlena) and sometimes She-Ra. YES, SHE-RA TOO!

Even when the cartoons would play opposite of each other no one could tell that Gary was voicing both characters.

Another interesting fact about this talented voice actor, is that her name was often misspelled for Linda Gray in the Masters of the Universe credits, when her real name is Linda Gary!


He-Man Was Originally Going to Be a Viking

The original He-Man action figure sketches were of a grimacing faced He-man who adorned a Viking helmet.

Once the creators realized that he was too scary for kids to play with they quickly stripped him of the helmet and replaced it with blonde hair. This simple change was all that was needed for children to welcome He-Man into their playrooms.


Orko was Originally Named Gorpo

The wizard we know as Orko was not going to be named Orko at all. In fact, Gorpo was his name-o, that is, until they realized they could save money by using an O on his outfit as opposed to a G.

This way they could simply reuse his animations by reversing and flipping him.


He-Man Was Never a Saturday Morning Cartoon

Cartoon’s in the 80’s were best known for their Saturday morning spotlight, when kids with cereal bowls would be glued to the TV sets to watch their favorite weekend cartoons.

However, He-Man was the very first cartoon that aired on weekday afternoons instead.


Skeletor is He-Man’s Uncle

After the cancellation of only 2 seasons of the Masters of the Universe Cartoon in 1984, the story continued by giving us more information of the infamous villain, Skeletor.

In fact, in 1986, the origins of how Skeletor came to be in a mini-comic titled “The Search of Keldor”, is where we first meet the brother of King Randor (King of Eternia) and the unwanted first-born son of King Miro, who preferred his youngest son, Randor, who just happens to be He-Man’s father too.

It wasn’t until 2002, with the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe reboot when Keldor faced-off with Captain Randor. Keldor loses the battle but is saved by Evil-Lyn who takes him to Hordak. Skeletor, pleading to be saved, offers Hordak anything he wants in exchange for his life.

Hordak grants his wish with the disfigurement of his human form as Keldor and turns him into a skeleton, birthing the insulting villain we have come to love…or hate, Skeletor.

But wait…Does this make Skeletor She-Ra’s uncle too?


Prince Adam and Princess Adora are Christmas Babies

That’s right! He-Man and She-Ra’s alter ego’s, twins, Prince Adam and Princess Adora were born on Christmas Day!


Well there you have it! 6 Masters of the Universe Facts that You May Have Left in the 80s.

We want to hear from you die-hard fans of any and all Masters of the Universe facts, so be sure to share what you know in the comments below.



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