5 Reasons Why Underestimating the Facebook Algorithm Hurts Your Business

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Underestimating Facebook Algorithm Hurts Business

In today’s social media ventures it is no longer about just being present on Facebook. Many businesses have yet to catch up to the realistic values that Facebook can bring from online to offline due to misusing the site. Facebook has created a tight nit structure that is to help keep fluidity within its newsfeed so that its users are not bombarded by spam, too many pages or of people and pages that are not as of much interest to them.

Businesses have disregarded the actual functionality of Facebook either because they do not have the time to learn about it or do not understand it. Some may just be happy that they are there and posting to their Facebook page.

If you are going to do it, do it right the first time.

Your presence on Facebook as a business is great and kudos to you for being active, but do you want to be successful or just there? The Facebook algorithm sure is tricky and for many understanding it in-depth is a time-eater and confusing but knowing some simple and basic knowledge that can lend a hand to amplifying your potential reach can always be of use.

Here are 5 Reasons Underestimating the Facebook Algorithm Hurts Your Business:

1. Posting images of customers : Many people have told you that posting images of your customers is a great idea and in moderation it can be. But we have over used this form of content and sharing such a niche photo actually limits the amount of actions you could receive if you chose a more widely acceptable image.

Posting images of customers

How posting images of customers affects the Facebook Algorithm: Posting niche images limits interactions and interactions such as likes, shares and comments will naturally move you up within the Facebook algorithm.

2. Posting content back to back: Just because you have the time to post content to your Facebook page doesn’t mean you should go crazy. Posting anything in a less than 1hr period actually hurts your chance of having the piece of content seen at all, so you basically should not post it at all, unless you are willing to make it into an album or wait a 1hr span.

Posting content back to back

How posting back to back content affects the Facebook algorithm: When posting images, links or status updates you must wait a 1 hour period or it will get lost within the newsfeed. Facebook does this to prevent flooding the newsfeeds of those who have liked your page. Respect them.

3. Choosing the right type of content: Don’t just plaster something up on your page and call it a day. Take time in finding likable content that is relatable to your industry. Don’t be passively active, be passionately involved. Care about your audience and share content that is worthy of their time.

Choosing the right type content

How choosing the right type of content affects the Facebook algorithm: If you are just posting something to your Facebook page to post, than your page will likely receive less interactions. Less interactions over time decreases your reach and hinders your page as being irrelevant as opposed to choosing content that is visually pleasing or is of educational value.

4. Using Facebook Insights. Period.: Many businesses are not using Facebook Insights to help guide them to find the right type of content to suit your Facebook audience. You should find out the gender that dominates your page, check and see if you are targeting locally and use the knowledge to find relatable content to your industry and location.

Using Facebook Insights

How not using Facebook Insights affect the Facebook algorithm: You wouldn’t drive without a lesson or bake a cake without a recipe, so why would you post to your Facebook page blind? You need a basis to begin with; if you don’t then you are literally shooting in the dark. This will decrease your visibility even when using promoted posts or page ads.

5. Promoted Posts and Page Ads will not Save You: If you think that you can just post anything to your Facebook page and slap a few dollars down on a promoted post or keep a Facebook page ad running you might as well take your stack of dollar bills and throw them out the window while driving. Content is always going to be the deciding factor and no matter how many eyes you pay to have on it, if it is not socially written, visually appealing, clever or helpful in some way, you are wasting money.

Promoted Posts and Page Ads

How promoted posts and Page ads will affect the Facebook algorithm: Even though you are paying Facebook to display your content within newsfeeds or as ads that does not guarantee that the receivers will be receptive to the post. If you are constantly running ads and receiving no traction you are still damaging your credibility to Facebook’s algorithm. Money is not paid to those who choose to place an action on your content, so keep that in mind when choosing the content you intend to promote. Regarding Facebook ads, this is to highlight your page, so step back and look at your page and ask yourself if you would like it based on the content you have shared on the page.

I was going to add no cat pics or adding your logo to a non-original image, but you should know better by now that you’re not a veterinarian (unless you are, than post away!) nor are you a thief, so adding your logo using Photoshop to images you didn’t create and just found online is just simply silly.

Most importantly, you need to take away from this article is the knowledge that every action you take as an admin or Facebook page owner needs to be purposeful. You can no longer just BE on Facebook, you actually need to think prior to posting and mixing up your content is ideal when posting. However, although content is a huge key player, knowing when to post and that less is more is just as important.

Facebook can generate leads; it all depends on who is leading.

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