5 Best Photos of the Grumpy Cat Internet Meme

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The Best Photos of the Grumpy Cat Internet Meme

Internet Memes pop up literally out of the blue, it is taken from links, hashtags, hyperlinks, misspelling of words and mostly, photos. They are meant to usually make us laugh and this year has had one Internet meme that has turned grumpy into something we can actually enjoy and it sure does help when it is that of a cat.

The Grumpy Cat Meme has had truly grumpy moments that are hilarious and therefore we hand-picked the best we could find so you can have a mid-day laugh, an evening smile or a good morning/goodnight giggle.

The face on this cat is priceless with such a displeased look on her face, yet her piercing blue eyes and Persian look is beautiful. Anything Grumpy Cat has to say makes for an awesome day. Although we are sure that if Grumpy Cat saw this article, she would most likely hate it, after all she is THE Grumpiest cat of them all.

The Grumpy Cat Internet Meme is that of a real life cat named Tardar Sauce, although spelled differently, yes her name is that of a sauce most commonly used to accompany fish, how cute.

Even though Grumpy Cat seems to hate everything and everyone, we just cannot seem to get enough of her grumpy little self; it isn’t every day you get to see too many expressive cats with faces that are in a constant state of annoyance.

So though we are almost positive Grumpy Cat would not approve of these collections, we wanted to find ones you would, from her thoughts on being a pumpkin carving to how she feels about purring, Grumpy Cat sure has a lot to say with one emotion of being simply grumpy.

Get your Grump On!

Here are the best photos of Tardar a.k.a The Grumpy Cat Internet sensation!


Grumpy Cat These Plants I Hate Them MemeGrumpy Cat Purring Meme

Grumpy Cat Outdoors MemeGrumpy Cat Pumpkin MemeGrumpy Cat Disappointment Meme

Want more? We have added even more photos of the Grumpy Cat Internet Meme.


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