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Funny Star Trek T-shirt

If you are an original Trekkie from 1966 or are a new one, you will want to grab a hold of some collectible items to show off the cult phenomenon that Kirk, Spock and even Scotty conjured up by playing sci-fi characters that possibly changed our technological history.

According to Wikipedia, the Star Trek TV Show, Spin-Offs and Movies; with their advanced forms of communicating played a role in how we converse today. The Star Trek franchise is said to contribute to the creation of the mobile phone and even further with noted progressive civil rights stance.

Star Trek was far beyond its time and not only did it add to our world of science fiction but has lent a hand in other arenas as well as it was on the cutting edge of controversial topics during its time and pushed the envelope that make many pop culture references in today’s media.

Owning just about anything that commemorates this iconic franchise would make any Trekkie super happy, but to own pieces that will make your eyes beam out of your head is even better. We don’t need Scotty for this beaming action, you can easily add these 4 Star Trek Items That Will Beam up the Eyes of Trekkies everywhere.

1. Star Trek Drink Coasters

If you want to make a bold statement that is classy but still shows off your admiration for Star Trek, the Star Trek Drink Coasters will make any room unique.

Star Trek Drink Coasters

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation Car Decal

You love the car decals that have made their ways on the back of vehicles? Then you will love this Star Trek: The Next Generation Car Decal even more as it rids of the boring look and brings your back end to life (comes in an array of colors too).

Star Trek Car Decal

3. Star Trek Necklace

Show your Trekkieness by sporting a Star Trek Necklace.

Handmade Star Trek Necklace

4. Star Trek T-shirt

Have some fun wearing a Trekkie inspired t-shirt that will be sure to bring some laughs anywhere you go.

Funny Star Trek T-shirt

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