3 Cool Ways Geeks Can Customize Their Vehicles

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3 Cool Ways Geeks Can Customize Their Vehicles

Computer geeks and car geeks tend to be seen as polar opposites. Where computer geeks like to sit inside and tinker with their toys, car geeks get their hands dirty and enjoy track days and off-road adventures.

But cars today are extremely complicated machines, and many computer geeks bleed over into car geek territory.

If you happen to be a car enthusiast who is also obsessed with being connected to the latest tech everywhere you go, and you love to show off your vehicle the same way you do your custom PC, this is for you!

Install a Tablet into the Dashboard or Mount in Front

While today’s touchscreen dashboard units are really nice, they’re limited in what they can do and are generally not customizable. Luckily that can be changed by ripping it out and adding a tablet of your choice in its place.

You could also mount your tablet in front of your current dash instead of installing it directly into your car, replacing your current system. Mounting is obviously a less complicated process, and it also allows you to remove the tablet at any time.

Installing directly will be more aesthetically pleasing, and likely provide a better overall experience, but not does allow for convenient removal. With the ability to connect it directly to your stereo system, though, you’re not dependent on Bluetooth for audio connectivity or auxiliary wires, as that can cause unnecessary headaches.

Take a look at the video below for an example of the direct installation process:

Install a Video Game System in the Back

There are quite a few options to get a video game system/systems installed in your backseat for long trips or quick on-the-go gaming.

While this is something most people do to keep kids busy during long trips, if you want to play REAL games (as opposed to smartphone games) while your girlfriend gets her nails done or your boyfriend gets his hair cut, this is the way to go.

Below are links to a couple of great methods:

  • Mount a 19-inch TV and Install Game System – A big project, but great results. This Instructables user was able to take a 19-inch monitor and mount it to a metal bar, which he then installed in his family’s SUV! He then used a power inverter to bring the monitor and video game system to life.


  • Choosing a Mobile Video System – Certain headrest and overhead video systems come with the necessary plug-ins needed to connect a video game system. This is a simple way to give the backseat multiple options or one easy-to-install shareable option.

Recreate Your Favorite Car from a Movie/TV Show

If you’re a 90s kid, you probably grew up wishing you could own a Jeep or Explorer like the ones in Jurassic Park. Well, now that you’re an adult with money, you can! Or if Jurassic Park doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe you want the Camaro from Transformers or The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

Now, recreating a car from a movie like Jurassic Park is not as easy as buying a new car online, but it’s worth the extra effort!

Whichever car you end up choosing, it’s a great way to show off your fandom and have a cool, unique car as well. People will want to take pictures, go for rides, and generally discuss the movie that your chosen car is from.

Because these projects are long, not too many people have documented their full experiences. From what we’ve heard from the guy who made a Jurassic Park Ford Explorer, though, it’s painstakingly difficult.

If this inspires you to customize your own car to resemble one from a blockbuster movie, let us know in the comments below!


Mark Frost – who has written posts on Socialeyezer.