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Grumpy Cat Meme Fleece Hat

The Internet as a whole loves cats, we love their catittude, feistiness and independence, we also adore their loving ways, the sound of a cat purring and the majority of us would agree that cuddling up with a cat is more comforting than a bowl of chicken noodle soup on a cold winter’s day.

Currently, our Internet cat star is that of Tard, also known as the Grumpy Cat who has catapulted into stardom due to her (yes, Tardar Sauce is a female) grumpy facial expression that has turned her into an instant Internet Meme.

With such a grumpy devotion we have been sharing our love for the one facial expression that rules them all by creating memes or by posting them on our social networks. This is how a simple Internet meme becomes viral and as all of us know, Grumpy Cat is now a household name.

As we chuckle over the various sayings imprinted over Tard`s face we cannot stop wanting more of this yearned for kitty cat, we most certainly have entertained conversations about Grumpy Cat and all the various things she hates that make us love her all the more.

The Grumpy Cat meme makes every day of the week more enjoyable and now you can add some of the greatness to your offline lives as well.

If you are searching for gifts to give to the crazed Grumpy Cat fan or if you happen to be one yourself, we completely understand that the cantankerous cat of 2012 most likely tops your favorite Internet memes of the year. Internet meme images can only suffice so much of our love for the Grumpy Cat, so we have compiled 14 Purrfect gifts of your favorite cat for you to own, wear or share by giving the gift of the Grumpy Cat for any occasion or just because.

1. Grumpy Cat Meme Vintage Dictionary Art Print on Wood Panel

Grumpy Cat Vintage Dictionary Art

Grumpy Cat Meme Art Print

2. Tard the Grumpy Cat Illustration/T-Shirt

Tard the Grumpy Cat IllustrationTard the Grumpy Cat TShirt

3. Grumpy Cat Meme Handmade stuffed animal

Grumpy Cat Meme stuffed animal

Grumpy Cat Handmade stuffed animal

4. Grumpy Cat Love Art Print

Grumpy Cat Love Art Print

5. Grumpy Cat – That Milk was Mine Mug

That Milk was Mine Mug

6. Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat Painted Shoes

Grumpy Cat Painted Shoes

7. Tard the Grumpy Cat Print

Tard the Grumpy Cat Print

8. Grumpy Cat Fabric Button Earrings

Grumpy Cat Fabric Button Earrings

9. Grumpy Cat iPad Case

Grumpy Cat iPad Cover

10. Grumpy Cat Holiday Ornament

Grumpy Cat Holiday Ornament

11. Grumpy Cat Graphic Tee – This Shirt I Hate It

This Shirt I Hate It

Grumpy Cat Graphic Tee

12. Grumpy Cat Fleece Hat

Grumpy Cat Fleece Hat

Grumpy Cat Meme Fleece Hat

13. 3 Grumpy Cat Moon T-shirt

Three Grumpy Cat Moon T-shirt

14. A Grumpy Cat Bowl: Custom Ceramic Pet Bowl

A Grumpy Cat Pet Bowl


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