12 Amazing Online Tools to Boost Your Small Business

>Online Tools Boost Small Business

Online tools for your small business can be helpful and it does not matter if you own a virtual business or own a local store; it is almost obvious that you will employ smart strategy to increase visibility. Thanks to the many tools available online that will be of much benefit to your business. The internet provides hundreds of online tools that can be used to boost business sales. The online tools can help in data storage, customer management, accounting, development and many more tasks.

1. Finance Tool: Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is a free application that is used by business guys to manage their finances remotely. You can also track your spending by the help of this online tool. This tool has got invoices, reports, trackers and many other tools that make it possible to manage finances from wherever so long as there is internet.

2. Managing Social Media: TodayLaunch

TodayLaunch is used to manage several social media networks for your business at a go. It makes the process of responding to several social networks fast and easy hence no user can be forgotten.

3. Receiving Payment: Square

There exist several card readers but deciding on one becomes a beat tricky. Thanks to Square application because it removes the barrier between you, bank and other credit cards issues. It offers both a mobile and online app that is easy to use. This tool can also be made to be one single Point of Sale system that does all your received payment.

4. File Storage: Dropbox

Dropbox is an online file storage allowing you to keep all your crucial files at a safe place and be able to access it any time. You can also easily share the files stored online by just providing the links to others. All you need to do is to access a free account of up to 5 GB that can then be upgraded at a small fee.

5. Brainstorming: Mural.ly

If you do have a team that does want to brainstorm, they can also do it online. The Mural.ly makes that very possible in almost a similar fashion as teleconferencing. A virtual bulletin can be created using Mural.ly and your team can be able to proceed from that point.

6. Booking: Appointlet

There is no need to just let your client call you before they get an appointment. All that you need is Appointlet and everything will be taken care of. It can be integrated with your Google calendar and then each client can proceed to booking.

7. Project Management: Trello

The Trello application is primarily used as a virtual location where a project can be organized from. It does offer intuitive tools to use in project management. The entire team can each have his/her share part of contribution via Trello. For example, each team member can access a document from Google doc and so forth.

8. The Achiever: Google

Google can be considered to be one such genius application. It is indeed one application in many. For example, it is not only used for searching but also file storage using Google drive, mailing, calendar and document management. Most of the tools available here are available for free or at a small fee.

9. NutshellMail

It does a role of snipping your recent update from you social networks and converts them in a picture like form for mailings. The snap shot from the app is then sent to your primary email address hence you can view everything under a single platform.

10. Yahoo Mail

This is an online app that you can use to perform mailing function. Other than just sending mails, Yahoo can also act as a search engine and source of news.

11. Gmail Account

This is just like Yahoo mail but is owned by Google. One greatest thing about Gmail email account is that a single account can be used to access tens of other Google products by just a few clicks. For example, you can manage several blog posts using your account that is still used in Google plus.

12. KeepPass Application

Why should you try to memorize your passwords when a single app can do everything? It is used for managing several passwords in a safe and secure way. You can use a single key provided by KeyPass to unlock other applications.

Hopefully you find these online tools useful and if you know of any please let us know how it has boosted your business!


Derek Fraser, an online manager for Menudrive which empowers restaurants and caterers to provide their own branded online ordering system such as pizza online ordering system

Derek Fraser – who has written posts on Socialeyezer.